is a group of music fans who choose to remain clean and sober at music festivals. We are not affiliated with AA, NA nor any musical act. We have no opinion on the issue of drugs or alcohol and neither condemn nor condone it. Our simple purpose is to provide support and information to those who seek the comfort and camaraderie of other clean and sober people at festivals. The only requirement is a desire to stay drug and alcohol free at festivals. Though we consist mostly of people in recovery from alcoholism and addiction, Harmonium exists for anyone wishing to stay clean, sober and those seeking serenity and fellowship at festivals.

Established in 2002 at the first Bonnaroo Music and Art Festival. A gathering of like-minded individuals concluded the need for support each year and we would return, in part, because of our presence. In 2005 the festival began to provide admission in exchange for our service and in 2011 our fellowship had grown so large that the festival began to provide real estate for a lounge and a large, private tent for our meetings. We were invited to the first Lockn’ Music Festival in 2013 which was our first growth outside Bonnaroo and in 2014 saw growth that invited us to 12 total music festivals and another half dozen we couldn’t staff due to proximity to other events we were committed to staff.